Weight is one of the primary considerations when re-roofing. Most structures that were built over the past 50 years were designed to support roofing systems that do not weigh over 750 pounds per square (100 sq. ft.). Most building code agencies call for engineering reports and possible structural modifications if the roofing product in the system weighs more than 600 pounds per square (100 sq. ft.).

US Tile, a Boral Roofing Company, has a full line of products that are designed to weigh less than 600 pounds per square (100 sq. ft.) so they comply with re-roof standards in most areas of the nation. The lightweight portfolio covers all sloped architectural styles that include Spanish Mission, Slate and Wood Shake aesthetics.

Cupertino Roofing installs all US Tile profiles, and can create custom installations to fit many architectural needs. US Tile offers natural colors and blends to create a truly one-of-a-kind roofscape, as well as integrated solar roof tiles. It is the only roofing product Cradle to Cradle Certified for leadership in energy and environmental design.