Concrete tile is an environmentally-friendly choice for your roofing system. It is extremely durable and inherently sustainable.

As a leading manufacturer of concrete roof tiles in both standard and lightweight designs, MonierLifetile, A Boral Roofing Company, is the only company to create a sub-600 pound flat tile, weighing less than 600 pounds per square (100 sq. ft.).

Beyond beauty, lightweight and long term durability, there are more reasons for choosing MonierLifetile. Made from naturally occurring, locally sourced raw materials that are produced in a low-impact, environmentally conscious manufacturing process, MonierLifetile can make your home more energy efficient through its inherent high thermal mass and innovative installation techniques that enhance the breathability of a structure. Moreover, all MonierLifetile’s concrete tiles have been tested to withstand the fiercest elements – fire, hail, blizzards, high winds and seismic activity.

Cupertino Roofing installs all styles and profiles of MonierLifetile to provide a lifetime roof with natural beauty and maximum performance. Your home will benefit from a MonierLifetile roof and our workmanship.